Why Join the NCFRW?

The North Carolina Federation of Republican Women provides an avenue of political involvement for women who share the Republican philosophy. NCFRW is committed to providing the education and information to better prepare our members on the issues of the day, and the tools to be more effective in the challenges ahead.

As a member of the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women: 

* YOU have exclusive access to newsletters that include member club communication, offering the opportunity to become involved throughout the state and learn from professional volunteer leaders.

* YOU have exclusive access to political education materials on campaigning, raising funds, building membership, and planning programs.

* YOU have exclusive access to NCFRW board meetings, workshops, and educational opportunities.

* YOU are part of an organization that encourages the recruitment, development, and support of qualified Republican candidates, both women and men.

* YOU are part of a talented bank of Republican women available to serve in elective or appointive positions.

* YOU are part of a force multiplier to save America! 

Seven great reasons to join NCFRW

1. You’re connected
NCFRW membership in the National Federation of Republican Women makes you part of the largest women’s political organization in the United States. Tens of thousands of women throughout the nation benefit from this partnership.

2. You’re local
You will be part of a local club in local communities, cities, and counties throughout the state. The North Carolina Federation of Republican Women, organized in 1953, is an autonomous affiliate of the North Carolina Republican Party.

3. You’re with friends
We’re your next door neighbor, doing his or her part to ensure a strong tomorrow in America. Local and regional leadership directly influences the state organization. Members of the NCFRW will be campaigners, state legislators, precinct committee members, door-to-door canvassers, campaign managers, and community leaders.

4. Our goals are clear
Unite the Republican women of North Carolina into an active, constructive organization to sustain and grow the Republican Party; support the Republican National and State Committee initiatives and work for the election of the Republican Party nominees; encourage, promote, and educate Republican women to run for elected office; and make a real and direct impact on our local communities through our service and leadership.

5. It’s convenient
Each individual organization chooses a meeting time and place that is best for its members. This varies with each community. The strength of the NCFRW lies in the autonomy of the local club. The North Carolina Federation holds three statewide meetings each year in diverse areas throughout the state to bring together our members where we share political briefings, educational workshops, and valuable opportunities to interact with other Republican women from across the state.

6. It’s effective
When you join us, you WILL influence government. As part of the largest women’s political organization in the state, you have generations of wisdom to rely on in affecting your community and the political process that defines it. Best of all, it links you with other women and men who share your desire to make the world a better place...people you’ll be proud to call friends.

7. It’s easy to join
We’d be delighted to to have you join our ranks. Simply email ncfrepublicanwomen@gmail.com, and someone from NCFRW office will contact you.

The North Carolina Federation of Republican Women is made up of registered Republican women in clubs across the State of North Carolina. Currently there are more than 50 North Carolina clubs with over 3,200 members. 
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Mission Statement 

The North Carolina Federation of Republican Women’s (NCFRW) mission is to positively impact our state and nation, while strengthening our Republican Party through recruiting, educating, training, supporting, and electing Republicans.