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Mission Statement 

The North Carolina Federation of Republican Women’s (NCFRW) mission is to positively impact our state and nation, while strengthening our Republican Party through recruiting, educating, training, supporting, and electing Republicans.

Will the Left's strategy backfire?
Big time!

We know that every member of NCFRW furiously denounces the sham trial and conviction of President Donald Trump in New York. We cannot believe this is happening in America.

What can we do about this, other than elect Donald Trump President in November?

We can push back right now and make the Left's strategy to sideline its main opponent completely backfire. President Trump has already hauled in major donations as a result of the conviction. If you're able and feel so inclined to join this multitude, go here:
Donate to President Trump

And while we're at it, support all of the Republican / conservative candidates who will be on the ballot in November. Small donations add up quickly - and we need this to be a MASSIVE win!